Hunger Banquet

Join us for an interactive, two-hour event, as we come together to help each other and our children understand the issues of hunger in a unique and meaningful way. You may think hunger is about too many people and too little food. That is not the case. What? How can that be? At a Hunger Banquet, the place where you … Read More

Review-Stories to Grow On – Reviewing Red Thread Sisters

Stories to Grow On  My mother often suggested I put myself in someone else’s shoes when trying to understand their viewpoint or reaction to a situation.  A good story allows me to do just that.  And as a parent and educator I know that relating to characters or events in a story often nurtures real learning as opposed to the … Read More

Birth Country Travel Creates Perspective Change

It is impossible to travel and not be touched by the amazing people and cultures that make up our global experience. Kids soak this in as they travel to their birth country, often times fueling compassion that all parents hope to see develop in their children. Perspective change is indeed at play during a homeland journey. Nicky, 13 years old,and … Read More

CCCWA Recognizes China Ties & Awards Families $800

We are delighted to share that China Ties has been recognized by the China Center for Children’s Welfare and Adoption (CCCWA, formerly CCAA) as being a flagship heritage Travel Program. As a result, each 2012 China Ties family received an $800 grant from CCCWA. CCCWA believes in the importance of a well organized homeland journey with a sound plan of … Read More