INDIA TIES: What My Daughters Knew Intuitively

by Neale Schwarting

I have to say, when planning on our return trip to India, I kept saying, ‘I could do this so much cheaper, I don’t like traveling with people I don’t know, I want my own schedule.’

After talking to our girls, they thought making friends and experiencing this with others “like them” on this trip of a lifetime would be a highlight.India Blog

Well, I have to say we were amazingly well taken care of by all the TIes’ staff, we didn’t have to worry about getting around India, we saw more than I would have been able to plan on my own, but most of all the friends my girls (and us) made were priceless!

I never would have guessed that after returning home, we talk more about the people we met on the tour and in the country than the places we went.

That is what my girls knew intuitively and I would have never been able to give that to them myself!

Well worth it! I would highly recommend it to anyone wanting to go back!

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Private travel is also possible.

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