CCCWA Recognizes China Ties & Awards Families $800

We are delighted to share that China Ties has been recognized by the China Center for Children’s Welfare and Adoption (CCCWA, formerly CCAA) as being a flagship heritage Travel Program.

As a result, each 2012 China Ties family received an $800 grant from CCCWA.

CCCWA believes in the importance of a well organized homeland journey with a sound plan of support for adoptive families.

Support is at the heart of all Ties Programs.

  • We provide an engaging group program and customized individual family province visits. Ties families are supported by a team of passionate, dedicated, adoption-aware people that travel with each group.
  • A “logistical genius” deals with details enabling participants to focus on their family and the profound meaning of the journey.
  • An adoption professional also travels with the group to support families as they discover the messages of the journey, prepare to connect with people and places important in their child’s life, and explore how to help their child weave what they experience into their life story.
  • An in-country English speaking guide travels with the group to share lifestyle, customs, history, humor and warmth.
  • When going to province, each family travels with an individual guide/translator.

Together, our team also provides optional “Connect & Chat” opportunities for the kids and “Talk Time” for the adults, as well as individual or family consultation throughout China. Additionally, the Ties team is available to help beforehand, as families think through issues, as well as post-trip, when the real processing begins, and lasts a lifetime.

The result is an incredibly bonded group, led by professionals who create community and build bridges among the kids and the families.

We are delighted to accept such wonderful CCCWA recognition, and thrilled our families were the financial recipients of this award as the real credit goes to the adoptive families who have prioritized this important journey.

We, along with CCCWA, honor the commitment families have demonstrated to their children.

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