New Changes: A Letter from Our Owner on Our Rebrand

Dear Ties Community, After 30 incredible years of bringing joy and discovery to adoptees and their loved ones through heritage trips, we are embarking on a new chapter. We are rebranding as “Ties”! Why “Ties”? This name resonates deeply with our cherished community, embodying the strong bonds we’ve forged over the years. It reflects the connections that have been created, … Read More

When Private Travel Is Right

​​For a unique set of reasons and experiences, group heritage travel is most often best for adoptees and those supporting them, but for a subset of adoptees and their loved ones sometimes private or semi-private travel is the right choice.  What exactly is private and semi-private travel? If you and your loved ones would like a travel plan created just … Read More

Questions Adoptees Should Ask When Choosing Travel Companions for a Heritage Journey

When Ties Adoptive Family Travel started 30 years ago nearly all adoptees traveled with their adoptive parents for heritage journeys. Over the last decade, as many transnational adoptees have reached adulthood, a shift has occurred in the types of groups supporting them. These groups, now referred to by Ties as “loved ones,” offer a range of support tailored to adoptees’ … Read More