Somewhere Between is a documentary that you feel, not just watch. I found myself emotionally participating in these young ladies’ journeys of self-discovery. The exploration process of a transracial adoptee is life-long and this film poignantly shares tidbits of that experience from four perspectives. While this film connects those in the adoption community, it also demonstrates everyone’s needs to feel … Read More

Review-Stories to Grow On – Reviewing Red Thread Sisters

Stories to Grow On  My mother often suggested I put myself in someone else’s shoes when trying to understand their viewpoint or reaction to a situation.  A good story allows me to do just that.  And as a parent and educator I know that relating to characters or events in a story often nurtures real learning as opposed to the … Read More

Why Birth Country Visits are So Compelling

By guest author Doris Jacobs  In taking my son Andrew on a birth country trip, I had hoped to reinforce his personal identity—that it is great to be who he is and to value who he is becoming, including where he was born and where his personal history began. • Being able to say and really understand “This is the … Read More