Ties Connections

Pieces of The Ties Program

In addition to adoptive family heritage travel and Next Gen, in the past, we have offered other trips for adoptees and loved ones. Although some of these programs are no longer active, they remain a testament to the diverse and ever-evolving landscape of heritage journeys. Over the years, we've expanded our understanding of Ties to encompass a wide range of experiences for everyone.

Journeys of Discovery trips combined cultural and service components. On service trips, participants included adoptees from the country we traveled to as well as from various other countries. These trips consisted mostly of families and some individual travelers. For instance, our first Guatemala Service Trip saw a diverse group of adoptees from Guatemala, Korea, China, India, Russia, Paraguay, and the U.S. It was a mini–United Nations and an incredible experience!

Bea Evans led Ripple Effect Journeys, which were exclusively for women. The goal was for women to travel, learn about global issues, and make a positive impact. The first Ripple Effect Journeys trip was to Peru in 2018.

World Ties, a part of The Ties Program, is a 501(c)(3) organization that provides humanitarian aid in the countries we serve. Its origin is quite remarkable. In the early years of Korean Ties, families visited a community they wanted to support financially and asked if Ties could ensure the funds were used appropriately. They had no way to accept donations. One family suggested creating a non-profit organization called World Ties to facilitate this. The very next day, The Ties office received a $5,000 donation to start World Ties. 😊

Gift of Identity is a separate entity with a mission to provide grants to international adoptees traveling with The Ties Program. For adoptees lacking resources for this significant trip, Gift of Identity provides grants that enable them to visit their birth country. The idea behind GIFT is that regardless of financial situations, nearly all international adoptees need to connect with their birth country for many reasons. GIFT is honored to help international adoptees make this important journey.