Community in its Most Authentic Version

Community in adoptive family travel-it is a huge part of a Ties travel experience. Maybe even THE biggest part. There is really no way to overstate the importance of adoptees and their families traveling with other adoptees and their families on this particular journey. 

It’s not just that we all have this big life experience-international adoption-in common. It’s that when we are together, other people in the group “just get it.” There’s no judgement, no unease, no raised eyebrows as we dive into our stories. Almost instantly, we create safe places for each other, allowing us to be ourselves, vulnerabilities and all.

With ease, we share and learn, laugh and cry. We become wonderful support for each other, a rock solid community that goes well beyond the trip end date. We are making life long friends.

Belonging–for some of the adoptees, it will be the first time they have ever created friendships that feel comfortable and meaningful. For others, it will be the first time they have let their guard down enough to enjoy the company of others without being afraid of what the “cool kids” think. On Ties trips, there is no sense of cool or not cool–everyone simply IS, and is accepted, and it is very freeing. For many, it will simply be the place where they find the strongest sense of belonging they have ever felt.

Then, as if that’s not enough, we go on great adventures together. We explore the culture, food, sports, people, and places significant to adoption.

The adoptees feel safe, giving them permission to be interested, engaged, and yes, even enthusiastic. We learn from each other and inspire each other. We create meaningful connections.

We create community in adoptive family travel, in the most authentic version of the word.

And that’s pretty beautiful to be part of.

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