Financial Assistance

Birth country travel can be costly, and many adoptees and their families often seek financial assistance to make it possible. This journey typically involves the entire family, and expenses can add up quickly, including airfare, accommodations, and special visits to significant people and places tied to your adoption story.

Upon registering for a Ties Program, you will receive a payment schedule. Registering at least 10 months ahead allows you to pay in installments without interest. We recommend signing up during the early bird registration period for the best options.

To help you finance this important part of your adoption experience, the Ties Program has compiled a few suggestions. These ideas may guide you in finding ways to support this meaningful journey.


Crowd Funding

Many families are turning to crowdfunding platforms to help finance heritage travel. Some adoptees use online platforms such as and to set a goal and start raising funds.

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Other Suggestions and Ideas

  • Employer Family Benefits: Check with your Human Resources Department to see if your employer offers any family benefits or assistance programs that could help with the cost of your trip.

  • Faith-Based Support: Reach out to your church, synagogue, or other place of worship for potential support or fundraising opportunities.

  • Ethnic Organizations: Contact local ethnic organizations or community groups that may have resources or programs dedicated to helping people connect with their ethnic culture.

  • Grants: Look into organizations such as the Lilly Endowment or other grant-giving organizations that may provide financial assistance for heritage travel.

  • Academic Resources: If you are a college student, speak with your advisor about resources or opportunities for independent study related to your homeland journey.

  • Personal Budget: Examine your personal budget and spending habits to identify areas where you can save for your trip. By prioritizing your goals, you may find ways to allocate more funds toward your journey.

  • Online Fundraising Ideas: Explore online fundraising platforms and ideas to gather funds for your trip. Many creative approaches are available online that may inspire your efforts.