Explore our selection of trips to Colombia and embark on a journey to reconnect with your roots and explore your cultural heritage.


Shared Journeys. Personal Discoveries. Expertly Managed.

Over the last 30+ years, we've witnessed the transformative power of group travel for adoptees and their loved ones.  

Supported by our dedicated Ties staff before, during, and after travel, we take pride in crafting opportunities that allow you to reconnect with people and places important to you, while connecting with a community who share similar life experiences. Join us and discover the power of heritage travel!

Colombian Ties - Flagship

July 19 - 30, 2025

12 Days

Visit Colombia's Top Destinations

Reconnect with People and Places

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Colombian Ties - LITE

July 19 - 26, 2025

8 Days

Explore Bogota and Medellin

Reconnect with People and Places

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Day 1 - Arrive in Bogota

Day 2 - Orientation and City Tour of Bogota

Day 3 - Uniquely Yours: Reconnection Day or Activities of Your Choice

Day 4 - Travel to Medellin

Day 5 - City Tour of Medellin

Day 6 - Cooking Workshop At An Organic Finca

Day 7 - Uniquely Yours: Free Day or Take A Tour of A Coffee Farm

Day 8 - Travel to Cartagena - LITE Families Depart from Medellin

Day 9 -  City Tour of Cartagena

Day 10 - Uniquely Yours: Free Day or Visit Historic San Basilio de Palenque

Day 11 - Secluded Tropical Beach Day

Day 12 - The Journey Home and Beyond


Ben Kaanta

Ben is a former engineer who worked for 20+ years in the biosciences in roles from project management to CEO.  Longing to work more closely with people making transformations in their lives, he is a CPCC and ICF certified coach. After spending most of his life in Colorado (with stints in Indiana and California), Ben and his wife Tanya decided to pursue another passion of theirs - expanding their horizons through adventure. Along with their teenage daughter, this led to splitting their time between Colorado and living abroad. They also have a son attending college in Colorado. Ben is married to a Korean adoptee, and participated in heritage camps with his family over the years.

Please note: Ben may not travel on every trip.

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