We are in the process of planning a group trip for adult adoptees and their loved ones in 2025. Stay tuned for more details, as we hope to provide additional information later this year.

If you are an adult adoptee from Cambodia interested in exploring the possibility of returning to your birth country, feel free to contact our Cambodia Next Gen  Program Manager, Sarah Kurtzahn. We would love to hear from you and discuss how we can support you in reconnecting with your roots. Your journey is important to us, and we're here to help facilitate meaningful connections and experiences.

What is Next Gen?

Cambodia Next Gen began with the Ties Program reflecting on our commitment to heritage journeys over the past 30 years. As more adoptees enter adulthood and start families of their own, we wanted to present a program that was uniquely tailored to their desires for staying connected with their birth country. Traveling alongside other adoptees is invaluable. Our focus is on personalizing your experience, tailoring it to your interests, and emphasizing reconnection with Cambodian culture and everyday life.

Join us on this meaningful journey, where you'll benefit from a supportive community of fellow adoptees who share similar life experiences. Experience Cambodia in a way that resonates deeply with your heritage and aspirations, while enjoying the camaraderie of a like-minded group.

Who would Cambodia Next Gen be for?

  • Adult Cambodian adoptees, traveling solo or accompanied by those who are part of their lives
  • Spouses, friends, significant others, children of adoptees
  • Parents, grandparents, siblings, extended family—all would be welcome

To Receive Updates, Request Information For Cambodia Next Gen

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Other Ways to Travel to Cambodia with Ties

Looking to travel to Cambodia sooner? Private travel is a fantastic alternative to consider. Visit our page on individual travel for insights and resources, or contact our Next Gen: Cambodia Program Manager, Sarah Kurtzahn, to discuss the possibility of traveling and any other details.
Private Travel


Sarah Kurtzahn

Sarah, Senior Program Manager, joined the Ties Program in 2012 and has supported hundreds of adoptees & families in their journeys to Korea, Russia, Cambodia, and Vietnam. In addition to years of facilitating birth family search, she is also a spouse to a Korean adoptee in reunion. Recently Sarah completed her Masters in Counseling, and hopes to work as an LPC-IT specializing in adoption related issues. Outside of work, you can find her chasing her 3 year old daughter and/or 5 year old son, in her vegetable garden, running for fun, or making something in the kitchen with her little helpers. 

Please note: Sarah may not travel on every trip.

(414) 299-6635


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