Why Birth Country Visits are So Compelling

By guest author Doris Jacobs  In taking my son Andrew on a birth country trip, I had hoped to reinforce his personal identity—that it is great to be who he is and to value who he is becoming, including where he was born and where his personal history began. • Being able to say and really understand “This is the … Read More

The Benefits: It’s not ALL about Race & Ethnicity!

But let’s not kid ourselves. The international adoption experience and kids’ comfort levels with themselves is hugely interconnected with race and ethnicity. As internationally adopted people explore their identities, “Race/ethnicity is an increasingly significant aspect,” according to the Evan B. Donaldson Institute. Given that truth, and the need for racial/ethnic acceptance as part of oneself, it comes as no surprise … Read More

The Benefits: Being There is Validating—Making Me Real

We’ve discussed the complexities related to: • Preparation • Traveling into unknowns • And those tied to the “right age to travel.” While there are no doubt countless other complexities, I thought I’d balance the table a bit and talk about the positives of a homeland journey. For starters, being there is validating. That is, for many adoptees, their very … Read More