Adoptive Family Travel is now Adoptee Owned!

Exciting things are happening at The Ties Program. For 30 years, we have strived to take international adoptees and their families on extraordinary birth country experiences. We have loved every minute of it. The families we have served, our in-house and adjunct travel staff, and the in-country partners we have worked with have brought us joy beyond measure. After a … Read More

How to Talk with Adoptees about the Crisis in Ukraine

By Terry Mandeville The following is information complied by Terry Mandeville, group admin for the FRUA Facebook Group.  (Families for Russian and Ukrainian Adoption Incl Neighboring Countries). How do we talk with our kids about the crisis in Ukraine? You may not want to wait until the child asks a question, because some children worry, without being able to ask … Read More

Adoptive Family Travel Heritage Journeys

Here’s Why They Work for Adoptees and Their Families IT STARTS WITH A DREAM Maybe you’ve dreamed about a heritage journey for years, or perhaps have recently begun thinking about it. We are available to answer your questions, discuss your dream, and provide information for you to consider as the dream takes shape. IT CONTINUES AS A PLAN Adoptive Family … Read More

Birth Country Connections and Their Impact — The Heart of the Journey

For more than 30 years, adoptees and their families have been setting off on global adventures with the goal of learning more about their birth countries, and ultimately themselves. At the heart of every journey, adoptees are making unique and important connections as they strive to answer, “Who am I?” You might be inclined to think the only important connections … Read More